Sustainable and Ethically Produced Palm Oil

In 2007, RSPO ( the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil) ratified its principles and criteria for sustainable palm oil production which allows plantations to undergo the official RSPO certifiation process which enables them to sell certified sustainable palm oil ( CSPO).
Unfortunately, the huge palm oil business of production does not enable it to track individual producer's material through to the end of production and then onward to sale. So, at present, CSPO is mixed up with the 'regular' palm oil in the supply chain and the consumer cannot know how much of the palm oil they purchase is 'green'.

I am very happy to say that I have sourced a fully traceable, ethically grown and certified organic palm oil. It is of Colombian origin so free of any Orang-utan concerns and does not include any Daabon oil due to concerns such as land rights. All of my soap in early fall 2010 will contain this palm oil.